Candy Extractor...... extractors in a class of their own

When it comes to high end herb extractors, Candy Solution products enjoy an enviable reputation. We use technology that is engaging and easy to use with very little effort needed to achieve great results.


Our products are manufactured in Switzerland using CNC technology. They are made of high quality aluminium with a protective surface finish and created with durability in mind. They are practically indestructible and will easily survive a fall undamaged.


The innovative design guarantees a quick and efficient extraction process and optimum handling. The threaded components can all be removed individually so that the extractor can be filled, cleaned and stowed easily and compactly. The Candy Extractor can also be opened directly after the extraction process. No more wasting valuable time waiting for the component parts to defrost.


Durability, user friendliness and optimum extraction results were our guiding principles throughout the product development phase. Our customers are as convinced by the results as we are.